Pushing the boundaries of how artists can use social media to promote new music is MC Hammer, a self-professed tech-nut who's been making the rounds in Silicon Valley of late.

He's now releasing his new single "See Her Face" through the much-hyped iPad app Flipboard, and appeared on Oprah to announce it.

Flipboard is a personalized social magazine of sorts that draws content from users' individual Flickr stream, Google RSS feeds, Twitter stream, Facebook groups and so on. Apple named it best iPad app of the year last year, and it recently scored $10 million in funding from TKTK.

In December, Flipboard launched an initiative to partner with content providers like The Washington Post Magazine, Bon Appetit, ABC News and more with the intention of adding professionally produced content to the existing social feeds that form the core of the experience. Hammer is the first artists to jump into the mix.

The song will be available for streaming only, and includes a photo gallery of fan-submitted photos, as well as an interview with Hammer at the Flipboard headquarters.

Click HERE to see a video, taped for the Oprah show, that explains Hammers' inner geek and the development of the Flipboard app.