If you happened to catch Eminem and Brisk Ice Tea's Super Bowl advertisement last weekend (below), and enjoyed seeing an aggravated Slim Shady rendered in miniature claymation ranting for 30 seconds straight, you're in luck: There's more. A lot more.

The beverage brand and the rapper today announced a unique, long-term partnership for emerging artists from Eminem's Shady Records' roster. As a result of the new deal, Brisk and Shady Records will host a series of artist events throught the year. Later in 2011, the two companies plan to produce several large-scale live music events.

The first Brisk-Shady Records event took place at New York City's Highline Ballroom this past Tuesday, Feb. 9 and celebrated the long-anticipated signing of hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse to Eminem's label.

Slaughtehouse -- Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5'9" -- was featured on "Session One," a bonus track on Eminem's "Recovery." The group will release its second album later this year.

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's manager, said in a statement that his client believed both writing his own Super Bowl spot and creating a new marketing platform for Shady Records was a "great opportunity to do something creative and fun."

To wit, the creative agency behind the Super Bowl spot, Mekanism, inserted 14 "Easter Eggs" (hidden gems) within the TV ad. For all your hardcore Eminem heads, see how many eggs you can find in the ad below before reading what they are (listed beneath the video):

Easter Eggs Answers:
- Alley = 8 mile reference

- Trunk gag =slim shady LP cover

- Infinity sticker on dumpster = "infinite" album (Em's first album)

- License plate says Eminem

- Em's club dance = inspired by his moves from video "Without Me"

- Trailers= reference to trailer park white trash roots/8mile
- Basement Sound Booth = ref to Basemint Productions (his first group)
- Stan = Stan the song
- Portapotty = Eminem has said often that he finds his best inspiration on the toilet

- 12 steps he walks down= (reference to "Recovery")
- Does a "gun cock" move during rap from "Not Afraid"

- Skyline = inspired by the skyline from the "Not Afraid" video

- Shady Poo = refers to Slim Shady

- Eminem is left handed, so is the Eminem puppet