Klaus Voormann is probably the person who can most legitimately claim to be the "fifth Beatle" - he's a friend from their Hamburg days, he illustrated the cover of "Revolver" and he played bass on many of their solo records. His album, "A Sideman's Journey," was celebrated in a downtown L.A. ceremony Saturday that brought together the album's participants, including Ringo Starr, Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, legendary producer/arranger Van Dyke Parks and drummer Jim Keltner -- sadly, Voormann himself couldn't attend due to injuries suffered in a a recent fall. The album, which Universal Music will release in the U.S., is nominated for best boxed or special limited edition package. While Beatles fanatics have long known that Joe Walsh owned Voormann's drawing that became the cover of "Revolver," how he came to acquire the pen and ink drawing has been something of a mystery. "In the late '70s, as far as I can place the time, there was a store in L.A. that was only open for about five weeks. I happened to stop in there and they had album artwork from record companies, gold records and autographs. There it was, hanging on the wall for sale. I was shocked. I got it, but I've always felt like I was keeping it for Klaus." He paid $1,800 for the piece.

Prior to the screening of a documentary on the Voormann sessions Ringo Starr would jokingly bark "photo sessions are over" and then oblige another fan, such as Pat Rinzer (here with him and Walsh), the president of the Memphis chapter of the Beatles Fan Club back in 1966. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

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Ringo Starr and Van Dyke Parks were cutting up throughout the Klaus Voormann event at the Biltmore Millennium Hotel. (Photo: Phil Gallo)

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