Italy's 2010 Music Sales Drops Slightly to $234 Million, Offset by Strong Digital Revenues
Italy's 2010 Music Sales Drops Slightly to $234 Million, Offset by Strong Digital Revenues

FIMI, the Italian recording industry association, just announced its sales figures for 2010. The €170 million (about $234 million) in overall sales for 2010 represents a relatively small drop of less than 4% from 2009's €176 million total ($242 million).

The final tally, which was tabulated for FIMI by Deloitte, an international auditing and consulting firm, were divided into three primary sections, physical, digital and new revenue streams.

The total figure for physical sales, which includes albums, singles, music DVDs and deluxe packages, was €120 million ($165 million), a drop of 3% from 2009's €124 million ($170 million).

Digital, which includes downloads, ad-supported digital license income, subscription revenues, came to €22.5 million ($31 million), an increase of 10% over 2009's €20.5 millino ($28 million) total.

New revenue streams (broadcasting rights, merchandising and synchronization), on the other hand, registered a fall of 14%, from €32.3 million ($44 million) in 2009, to €27.8 million ($38 million) in 2010.

In addition to its satisfaction with the growth of the country's digital market, FIMI also pointed out that local repertoire accounted for 52% of total sales.

In a statement FIMI president Enzo Mazza said: "The Italian market in 2010 showed that there are certainly opportunities for growth in terms of new technology. This is also evident in the arrival of new players in the digital market of telephony companies such as Telecom and Fastweb." He concludes: "2011 will be an important year for the growth of online music in our country."

The top-selling album in Italy in 2011 was "Arrivederci, mostro!" by Luciano Ligabue (video below), which was released by Warner last May. Warner Music Italy president and CEO Massimo Giuliano reports sales of 300,000 units for the original CD, plus 80,000 units for a special Christmas season edition, which came out Nov. 30 and featured an additional acoustic CD and a live DVD.