Facebook  Developer Booyah Announces 'Nightclub City: DJ Rivals' Mobile Gaming App
Facebook Developer Booyah Announces 'Nightclub City: DJ Rivals' Mobile Gaming App

The creators of Nightclub City, a music-focused social game on Facebook, are bringing their experience to mobile phones next month with a unique app that blends the two platforms.

The Nightclub City game on Facebook lets users create custom virtual nightclubs where they can create features like d├ęcor and music, the latter by selecting the kinds sounds visitors to their "club" will hear. For more details see our previous coverage of the game.

The new mobile app--Nightclub City: DJ Rivals--is part rhythm game, part role-playing game and part location-based game that features interesting tie-ins to the Facebook version. Created for the iPhone, the core element of the mobile game is a DJ Hero-like experience where users tap and scratch the touchscreen along to the included songs, battling either against the computer or against other players.

In a cool twist, there's a Foursquare-like component where users check into a real-world location and battle against other gamers in the same location. The user with the most wins tagged to any given location becomes the "house DJ" of that spot, similar to Foursquare's "mayor" badge, and can then collect "rent" from any other players who check into the same location.

The storyline follows the same old "young-emerging-artist-takes-on-evil-record-label" plot that so many music games have followed lately. Players can earn points to customize their avatar and DJ equipment. And for those checking in via the Facebook game, they can unlock exclusive items.

There will be some additional content and feature integration between the mobile app and the Facebook app announced when the game goes live.

It's expected to become available in mid March, pending Apple's approval. Check out the trailer here