Tito "El Bambino," who made a name for himself as the romantic half of reggaetón duo Hector y Tito, garnered breakout Latin mainstream success with 2009's "El Patron" and the romantic, danceable single "El Amor." For his follow-up, Tito was hard pressed to find a formula that lived up to expectations and somehow marry pop and urban sensibilities without compromising. "Invencible" attempts to do all this. The album's track listing veers from tropical to ballads to straight-ahead reggaetón, and it pairs Tito with a varied cast of characters that includes Daddy Yankee and Banda el Recodo. Opener "Llueve el Amor," a wistful merengue with a children's chorus that adds a touch of innocence, clearly follows in the sonic footsteps of "El Amor." Elsewhere, "Barquito" has touches of cumbia while "Maquina del Tiempo" is more of a dance track with tinges of reggaetón beat. The standout here is the evocative bachata "Eramos Niños" (with Gilberto Santa Rosa and Hector "El Torito" Acosta), which talks about lost-and found-innocence. These songs stand on their own, but the effort to bridge every genre is perhaps too concerted for comfort. Still, Tito delivers an album for many tastes.-lc