Unlike fellow chillwave artists Neon Indian and Washed Out, who occasionally create indulgent synth atmospheres, Toro Y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick) specializes in tunes that are muscular and immediate. "New Beat," the first single from the act's second full-length album, "Underneath the Pine," is a perfect introduction to Bundick's winsome, lo-fi funk for the uninitiated. The song's sound is bled together and the playing is sloppy, but Bundick makes the rough edges function like their own instrument to convey a sense of alienation. A comical synthesizer squeaks fervently, and Bundick nearly destroys his flange guitar pedal while threatening to erupt into full-blown slap-bass. He essentially rides one lightly funky groove throughout "New Beat" -but it's a great groove to ride along with.-RR