Tw1tterband: Form, Record Through Twitter
Tw1tterband: Form, Record Through Twitter

I guess it was only a matter of time. A group of musicians (and non-musicians), all of whom have never actually meet in person have found each other via Twitter and formed a band. Tw1tterband.

The brainchild of one Richard Newman, the idea took shape after Newman was laid off and decided to use his newly found free time to recruit a band via Twitter. In a matter of days, he found a producer and nine musicians from his followers and his followers' followers.

Each recorded their individual contributions and sent the to the producer, quickly creating a cover song (with music video) of Rod Stewart's "Maggie May." They followed up with a cover of the Smith's "Please Please Pleaseā€¦" They posted the songs online to raise money for a cancer support group.

Now there are other ways artists can come together and meet online to create music that are far more effective than Twitter (such as Indaba Music) for one. But this story has taken on a life of its own, with even ex-Smith Johnny Marr himself tweeting about how much he liked their song (below). It all makes perfect sense given the well-deserved attention Twitter gets for its effectiveness as a medium of communication and shared experiences.