Sony Music Mexico has released a double-CD featuring tracks by nearly 40 artists to benefit victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

"Voces por Japón" was released March 29, with all proceeds to be donated to the Mexican Red Cross, which in turn will divert to Japan. The CD will retail for $99 Mexican pesos (approximately $8.25) and will be available for sale throughout Mexico.

"Voces por Japón" includes tracks from a broad range of acts, from superstars like Vicente Fernández, Thalía and Camila to more eclectic acts like Playa Limbo and Moenia. Although most acts fall under Sony, the compilation also includes tracks by artists signed to EMI and OCesa Seitrack, who all donated their royalties to the cause.

This is Sony Mexico's second release destined to provide relief to victims of a natural disaster. Last year the company released "Voces por Haití" which similarly brought together a large group of acts in a compilation album to raise funds for victims of the Haiti earthquake. The set raised approximately $300,000, which were used to purchased two fully equipped ambulances and 3,500 tents, among other supplies, according to Sony Music Mexico president Roberto Lopez.

More information on Voces Por Japón, including links to twitter and facebook, can be found here.