Apple Seeks FairPlay Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissal
Apple Seeks FairPlay Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissal

Apple is seeking to have the antitrust lawsuit filed against it over its FairPlay DRM technology dismissed.

According to Bloomberg, which is following the court case, the presiding judge expects to make a decision on the request by May.

Earlier in the month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was ordered to answer questions in regards to the case and, according to the plaintiff's attorney, appeared for a deposition on April 12.

The consumer antitrust lawsuit alleges Apple unfairly limited use of the iPod to music purchased on iTunes (or ripped from CDs). Specifically, consumers buying music from rival services like Rhapsody had their music blocked from use on the device. Apple contends the policy was created to ensure a quality download experience, blocking corrupted files and the like.

The whole trial is a bit of an anachronism as Apple ditched its FairPlay technology years ago when it and pretty much every other digital music service eliminated DRM after the record labels agreed for music to be sold digitally without restrictions. It's made news more for forcing Jobs-a cancer survivor on medical sick leave-to testify than it has for any particular precedent-setting potential.