Amazon Apologizes for Server Outage, Offers Credit
Amazon Apologizes for Server Outage, Offers Credit

Amazon's Web Services is experiencing service issues that have affected a wide range of companies. By midday Thursday, the service health dashboard still showed service disruptions at its Elastic Compute Cloud and Relational Database services based in North Virginia.

The outages started at 5am ET, according to reports. Social media service Foursquare, Q&A site Quora, and social news site Reddit are among the companies that have been affected. Quora sent out a tweet Thursday morning about the problem. "We're currently having an unexpected outage, and are working to get the site back up as soon as possible."

At midday Thursday, Foursquare's Support sent out a "Terminator"-themed tweet that said the service was down at the time. "We're fighting to save @foursquare from #Skynet. John Connor is off the grid. (For non-Terminator nerds: we're down but working on it!)." Over at Reddit, visitors are being greeted with a message that explains users cannot log in and the site is in "emergency read-only mode."

Music-related companies have been affected as well. Indaba Music, which provides music collaboration and editing tools, was using its down time to turn lemons into lemonade. The home page is letting people download a beat and use it to create new songs "that expresses your feelings about this unfortunate situation." When the site is back up, Indaba tells its users, the company will have "an awesome opportunity waiting for you to enter."

In addition, the homepage of social commerce startup Moontoast explains that due to Amazon's outage the company's service experience "intermittent problems and then fully went down at 7:30 CST."

Other companies that tweeted about their service outages or disruptions include Publishers Weekly, Livefyre and Even the website of the town of Aurora, Canada was disabled by the outage.