Exclusive: Jason Geter of T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records Denies Label Is Being 'Dismantled'
Exclusive: Jason Geter of T.I.'s Grand Hustle Records Denies Label Is Being 'Dismantled'

Contrary to online reports, Grand Hustle Records -- the label formed by T.I. and Jason Geter and distributed by Atlantic Records -- has not been dismantled. If anything they're hustling harder.

Geter, Grand Hustle's co-CEO, took time to talk to Billboard's The Juice to set the record straight. "Number one, Grand Hustle is definitely not dismantled, we unfortunately did downsize [on staff] and relocate. We're doing business, just in a lighter way. A smarter way, due to our current situation," says Geter.

"We don't have much business to do, not much going on, why pay people when unfortunately there's not much going on?" he continued. "Same thing that the major labels are doing, it's no different. Supply and demand, at the end of the day. It's just the way of the business."

It's been tough past few months for the Atlanta-based record label, and Geter isn't denying it, "It's no secret we've taken hits, back to back, with Tip's absence [serving out his prison term]." Downsizing and relocating was the best move, he said, and one that was discussed with T.I. "We're partners, we talk about everything, no matter if he's in or he's out. It's Grand Hustle, so we communicate with one another."

Grand Hustle recently added Pac Div to its management roster. Pac Div, along with Young Dro, Killer Mike, and Dee-1, have been on Grand Hustle's "Grind 'N Hustle" tour since the first of April.

Geter also assured us that T.I.'s Akoo clothing line, on its third year in stores, is "doing better than ever."