This Week in Apps: Supersonic, TuneWiki and
This Week in Apps: Supersonic, TuneWiki and

The third music discovery app from developer We Are Hunted is pretty straightforward. Using APIs from the Echo Nest and 7digital, it simply suggests other artists users might like based on any given song in their existing music library. Recommendations (via the Echo Nest) can be filtered by tempo, popularity and other factors, and results can be sampled (via 7digital) and subsequently bought (via iTunes). The company's other discover apps include Gaa, Pocket Hipster and the titular We Are Hunted.

TuneWiki Music Player

Music lyrics app provider TuneWiki relaunched its Social Music Player app for Android devices. Users who listen to the music library through the TuneWiki player can see lyrics to all songs streaming across the screen, in 40 different languages. It connects to streaming radio apps, supports streaming music videos and various on-demand services. It also includes the company's game, Lyric Legend.

But most interesting are the new social features. The app can create a music profile for each user that can be shared with friends and other users. For instance, users can view and sample songs that other TuneWiki users are listening to worldwide. They can follow users with similar profiles and add any music those users are listening to into a "SongBox" of music recommendations.
A location-based music broadcasting app from a German startup of the same name. lets users create a station of Webcast-like streaming music, which can be broadcast in a local area to other users of the app. For instance, a user could check the app to see what other users are broadcasting in a given area, and "check in" to that broadcast, listen to the stream, and also leave comments that others also in the same area can see. It recently won a startup competition at the Next conference in Berlin. The app is not yet available, but is expected to launch in the next month or so.