Lady Google: Is Gaga About To Sign A $10 Million Google Laptop Endorsement Deal?
Lady Google: Is Gaga About To Sign A $10 Million Google Laptop Endorsement Deal?

Maybe it's just the easy way that the phrase "Gaga and Google" slips off the tongue, but there's no shortage of rumors about how the megastar and megacompany may be working together going forward.

The latest is that Lady Gaga is angling to be the "face" of the new Google Chrome line of laptops coming out June 15. Gaga already is the star of a TV ad for Google's Chrome Web browser (see video below). But The Wrap is reporting that she's negotiating a deal that could be worth as much as $10 million to endorse in some fashion the laptop line of the same name.

Hard to tell whether that's true or not, as many Gaga/Google rumors never pan out (Google was also going to launch its cloud music service on the same day as Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album dropped, with some kind of exclusive tie-in, according to another rumor, but that never happened.)

The fact is, Lady Gaga is perhaps the most in-demand artist in the world for any kind of product tie-in right now, for several reasons: She's got an army of rabid fans, she knows how to attract attention, she's reportedly personally engaged in the deals that carry her name, and she's not shy about working with pretty much anyone.

Another reason, as detailed by The Wrap report, is her label-Interscope-shares in the revenue gained from such partnerships through a 360 deal with Lady Gaga, and therefore is aggressively seeking out opportunities on her behalf.

Reps for Gaga and Google had not responded to's requests for comment at press time.