Web Trends: Watch Lady Gaga Duet With Tony Bennett, Drake's New "Headlines" Video
Web Trends: Watch Lady Gaga Duet With Tony Bennett, Drake's New "Headlines" Video

The media blitz that coincided with the release Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" gave her a social media boost in every way but one-Myspace.

Enjoying the publicity around the album release, Gaga gained 3.32 million new fans on Facebook in May, a 93% increase from April's gain of 1.72 million, according to Next Big Sound. In addition, she gained 905,000 new Twitter followers in May, an 80% increase, and 67,000 Last.fm followers, a 17% increase.

Gaga's streams increased in May as well: Vevo streams grew 99% to 121.3 million and Last.fm streams grew 145% to 10 million.

Gaga now has 36.48 million Facebook followers and 10.58 million Twitter followers. She currently tops the Billboard Social 50 chart.

She had the biggest gain in fans -- 386,000 - on Thursday, May 26, three days after the release of "Born This Way" and the day Amazon priced the MP3 album at 99 cents for the second time that week (the first was on the Monday release day).

But her Myspace numbers reflect the site's waning importance. Gaga's gain in Myspace fans actually dropped 19%, from 36,164 in April to 29,362 in May (although she still gained Myspace friends). And the number of songs streamed at MySpace dropped 6% compared to May.

Flat Myspace numbers can be seen elsewhere. Warpaint, who currently sits at #2 on the NBS25 chart that tracks the fastest rising artists at social media, posted just a 1.2% increase in Myspace fan growth in May. At the same time, the band's Facebook growth jumped 41% and Twitter growth rose 30%. S-Curve recording artist Andy Grammer, #21 on the NBS25 chart, gained fewer MySpace artists in May than in April even though his Facebook growth jumped 71% and Twitter growth rose 296%.