Chinese Online Music Providers Form Industry Association
Chinese Online Music Providers Form Industry Association

The first instance of an industry-coordinating organization of online music operators and online music content providers has been established in Beijing.

The organization, The Alliance of the Digital Music Industry (ADMI), consists of more than 20 companies and includes China Records Corporation, Shanghai Synergy Group, Chia Tai Music Group and Baidu.

The industry group's formations follows accusations that China has not done enough to combat copyright infringement. The United States formally lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization in 2007. In April of this year the U.S. came perilously close to imposing sanctions against China and in May a study by the U.S International Trade Commission estimated that U.S businesses lost an estimated $48 billion in 2009 due to Chinese piracy.

The ADMI announcement comes just a month after the Chinese government punished Baidu and 14 other companies for providing illegal music downloads, suggesting a potential sea-change in Chinese policy regarding copyright.

At the June 8 inaugural meeting, all members of ADMI issued the "Digital Music Industry Declaration" and signed the "Alliance of the Digital Music Industry Convention," which includes a pledge to abide by all laws and regulations of the industry.

The People's Republic of China's Director of the Cultural Market, Li Xiong attended the meeting and gave a speech, along with representatives from each business in the Alliance.

It was also announced that the Alliance will soon launch a series of social activities, including the public service program "Hand-In-Hand - China's Music Volunteers in Action." Several Chinese musicians including Xu Song, Jin Sha and An Youqi presented a video called "Across the New World" that they had prepared for the upcoming public service activities.