Business Matters: 38% of YouTube's July U.S. Visitors Watched a Vevo Video
Business Matters: 38% of YouTube's July U.S. Visitors Watched a Vevo Video

Music video network Vevo is getting more views from music fans, according to comScore statistics. Created in partnership by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and the Abu Dhabi Media Company, the company is one of the top online video properties in the U.S.

To summarize in a nutshell, a few more people are tuning into Vevo, and all viewers are watching a lot more often. Total viewing sessions have increased 198% to 11.62 million per day in May from 3.9 million per day in January, according to comScore's latest U.S. online video rankings. During the same time, total Internet audience's viewing sessions grew just 16%. Viacom Digital is up 101% over that time frame while Microsoft sites are up 68%, Hulu is up 54% and AOL is up 47%. (comScore tracks viewing sessions and other metrics by month. To make the numbers more comparable over multiple months, Billboard has calculated daily metrics to take into account the fact that some months contain a different number of days.)

Vevo has achieved that huge increase in viewing sessions despite a far smaller increase in unique viewers. From January to May, Vevo's number of unique viewers increased 18%, which is still far above the 3% increase in viewing sessions by the total Internet audience tracked by comScore.

And Vevo viewers aren't sticking around much longer, either. Daily minutes per viewer are up 14% to 3.39 from 2.96 in January (better than the 9% increase in the total Internet audience's minutes per day). Recall that unique viewers are up 18%. Both are obviously quite small compared to the 198% increase in daily viewing sessions.

The top video property in the U.S. is Google's collection of sites. Google sites, including YouTube, had more than 2.1 billion viewing sessions, or 38% of all U.S. online viewing sessions. In terms of time spent, Google sites commanded 33% of all time on U.S. online video properties in May, or 311 minutes per viewer. It was the first time Google sites has crossed the five-hour-per-viewer mark.

In terms of total unique viewers, Vevo was #2 in May, Yahoo! sites were #3 and Facebook was #4. While Facebook certainly has breadth, its users spend less than a minute per day watching videos. That's far lower than the other leading U.S. online video properties, and well under the 7 minutes per day achieved by Hulu and 10 minutes per day achieved by Google sites.