Business Matters: Loudbytes Launched Cloud-based Service, Lines Up Advisory Board
Business Matters: Loudbytes Launched Cloud-based Service, Lines Up Advisory Board

When a fan walks into a store to buy a CD by his favorite band, some retailers will now offer the option of buying a digital code for that CD, thanks to music and media distributor loudbytes.

"Crazy Funnel," the new loudbytes digital music sales service, lets retailers sell a digital code for tracks -- a code which will then be printed on the consuner's receipt, along with simple download instructions. The code can also be bundled with a T-shirt, button, vinyl record, or any other piece of merch that the retailer decides.

"There is an enormous growth opportunity for physical retailers to sell and distribute digital music and media products," said loudbytes founder and CEO Ruben Lozano in a release. "We bring the flexibility and efficiencies online retailers enjoy to the traditional retail environment."

Since 2007, loudbytes has offered digital download tags to bands and artists, as well as merchandise with pre-attached "hangtags" to be customed order so musicians can easily sell T-shirt and digital download combos. "Your T-shirt is now your album artwork," advertises the loudbytes website.

Consumers now have the added option of buying music in stores, without retailers having the inventory and associated costs of pressed CDs.

If a consumer is looking for more information on a particular digital download, advertisements for the codes will sport Microsoft Tags, barcodes that can be scanned by a corresponding smartphone app to view track listings and hear music samples on the loudbytes mobile website.

The Vans Warped Tour, SideOne Dummy Records, Volcom Entertainment and Sun Diego, among others, have already begun working with the "Crazy Funnel" service to sell music by their artists and in their stores.

loudbytes has teamed up with Retail Pro and JDS Solutions to develop point-of-sale software and hardware programs which will allow the digital download codes to be printed conveniently at stores nationwide.