Onesheet, Simple Online Space for Artists, Launches
Onesheet, Simple Online Space for Artists, Launches

ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan has launched a new artist service called Onesheet that aims to give artists a simple, constant web presence.

Onesheet is the opposite of densely packed "one sheets" labels create for their products and pack with information. And it's a far cry from cluttered MySpace pages. Unlike artist pages, they require next to no upkeep. And Onesheets are free of charge.

"I feel like there's a lot of web presences for bands, and unfortunately a lot of them come and go," Mulligan told The main web site tends to be the focal point of artist's identity but requires more of an artist's time, and Mulligan says he has noticed bands falling back on their social media pages. "I wanted a band to be able to set up a super-simple web presence in under a minute.

Keeping It Simple: The band All Time Low's Onesheet page.

A Onsheet page is really quite simple. The page is dominated by a background image of the artist. Within the page is a small widget that streams the artist's songs (the artist selects which streaming service to place on the Onesheet). Across the top of the page are small logos that links to other services such as Songkick, Twitter, FanBridge, SoundCloud, Moontoast, Sonicbids, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. Click on a logo and a window opens up with the artist's presence on that particular service. So, for example, Songkick populates the window with upcoming tour dates, Sonicbids presents the artist's EPK and Twitter loads the artist's recent tweets. To see one in action, visit the Onesheet of the band All Time Low

Creating a Onesheet page literally takes about a minute. First, the artist verifies with Facebook or Twitter to verify the artist name. Next the artist confirms location, genre and URL of artist website. Next the artist selects from a range of third-party services. Then the artist selects and uploads a background image. The entire YouTube video that walks through the set-up process takes all of 1:40.

The service is still rough and will change over time, says Mulligan, who sold ArtistData to Sonicbids last year. "The goal," he said, "is to start simple and react to the community and see what people like."

In the current beta phase, artists can immediately reserve their Onesheet URLs. Accounts will then be activated in the following days or weeks depending on volume. As for generating revenue, Mulligan says in the future he expects to add a premium level of service for artists who will pay for more features.