Katy Perry Launches Free Mobile App, But Does it Work Equally Well On All Smartphones?
Katy Perry Launches Free Mobile App, But Does it Work Equally Well On All Smartphones?

Katy Perry has officially launched her new free mobile app for iPhone and Android, courtesy of Mobile Roadie, offering fans access to a library of Perry content on the go.

The app is colorful and quirky, just like the 26-year-old pop star, and lets fans listen to music, view tour dates, watch exclusive videos, and flip through a gallery of photos.

In the "Shows" tab, users can check into concert dates on Perry's California Dreams tour for special rewards. The "Videos" section offers Perry's music videos, as well as app-exclusive footage, including a concert video from a Japan tour stop. Users can listen to samples of and purchase any of Perry's songs via the "Music" section of the app, while checking out behind-the-scenes pictures in the "Photos" tab.

While there is more than enough content to keep fans engaged, users were split on the app's utility depending on which platfom -- Apple or Android -- they used.

The 2.57 MB Android app provoked a a log of disappointed commenters in the Android market forum where the Katy Perry app received a three and a half star rating. "Lots of content but is unnecessarily resource intensive and slow," said one commenter, Superted, who then gave the Mobile Roadie-created app four stars.

Another commenter, Kris, gave the app only one star, saying, "Had to load it five times before it launched. Slowed down my entire phone to a crawl." There are positive reviews, but the majority mentioned that the app is slow and crashes frequently.

Over in the iPhone app store, however, the 12.9 MB Katy Perry app touts an almost perfect rating, with only a handful of commenters giving the app less than five stars.

The app can be downloaded from Mobile Roadie or from iPhone and Android app stores. But be forewarned: User expereience may vary...