George Michael To Be Questioned By Police Over Rebekah Brooks Tweets
George Michael To Be Questioned By Police Over Rebekah Brooks Tweets

George Michael's Twitter rants about News International CEO Rebekah Brooks have made their way to the ears and eyes of the Metropolitan Police.

Last week, the former Wham star spoke out heavily against Brooks and the phone-hacking scandal that has plagued the U.K. tabloid News of the World, and now he says that the police want to ask him a few questions.

On his Twitter, he wrote, "Just spoke to my lawyer.... apparently they want to interview me about my comments on Rebekah Brooks here on twitter..."

"I have way more to tell the police than I can tweet to you here," he continued.

On the day it was announced that News of the World would fold, Michael went on a Twitter tirade, claiming that Brooks told him that she got her dirt directly from the police.

"Rebekah Brooks sat two feet from me in my own home and told me that it was never the public that came to them with information on celebrities, and that the Police always got there first," he tweeted.

Michael, who threw an impromptu party to celebrate the publication's demise, may have personal experience with phone hacking. According to the Associate Press, the News of the World learned of Michael's drug-related car crash last year through hacking his phone.

On Twitter, he emphasized that he did not believe that all police are corrupt, and was not attempting to excuse his past transgressions.

"'I am NOT trying to exonerate myself of anything. I did something bad and got my Karmuppance, as I like to think of it," Michael tweeted.