Bjork: Hack My Apps!
Bjork: Hack My Apps!

After releasing the first singles from her forthcoming album "Biophilia," Bjork has finally followed up with the first apps created for them.

The album is a sort of hybrid collection of songs and associated apps. Each song carries with it a companion app that was created in conjunction with the song, not developed after the fact as most music apps are, all of which are housed in a sort of "mother app." That mother app is free, with each track-related app carrying a price.

The first app out include those for the track "Crystalline," which includes not only the lyrics to the song and some animations, but also a game that has users chasing crystals by tilting the screen of the iPad or iPhone while listening to the song.

This is the first of several more apps expected over the next new weeks in the run-up to the Sept. 27 album release date. Most are expected to be the same mix of lyrics, animation, and gaming features.

The main "mother app," meanwhile, consists of little more than an introductory narrative by David Attenborough explaining what "Biophilia" is meant to convey, how music, nature and technology are all interrelated.

You'll find out more about that, and much more, in Billboard's cover story on Bjork, available Friday.