AOL Music U.K. Shuttered
AOL Music U.K. Shuttered

As part of an ongoing restructuring process, AOL has shuttered the UK version of AOL Music, along with several other of the company's sites.

PaidContent reports that this is just the latest step in AOL's broader effort to merge its many disparate-but-similar sites into fewer, more focused verticals. AOL is focusing more on its women's lifestyle sites, men's sites and of course HuffPost UK.

AOL Music in the U.S. seems untouched by these changes. It recently absorbed other music-related verticals such as Spinner, Shoutcast, Boombox, Noise Creep and others. PaidContent also says it has no plans to close any further sites.

AOL acquired the Huffington Post this February for $315 million, sparking a vast overhaul of the Internet company's content and sales businesses.

AOL Music, at least in the U.S., has remained a relevant brand in the digital music space. While having nowhere near the buzz-factor of such new services like Spotify, it has continued to innovate in the mobile app space. It's PLAY app lets users stream free curated playlists from the site (essentially ShoutCast radio stations), play music native on their devices, and send and receive music-tagged photos a la Instagram or Soundtracking.