'The Voice's' Adam Levine Sues Activision
'The Voice's' Adam Levine Sues Activision

"The Voice" coach and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine is suing Activision.

Levine has filed a suit against the company's "Guitar Hero" spinoff video game "Band Hero" alleging that the new game exploits his name and likeness in order to "boost the sales" of the game, according to papers obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

He is suing for fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of common-law right of publicity and unfair business acts or practices. Damages were unspecified.

Levine had originally granted the company limited use of his name and likeness for "Band Hero," but any use of the singer's name and likeness was subject his approval, according to the suit. Levine allegedly allowed Activision to use "She Will Be Loved" for "Band Hero" and performed it using motion capture to create a digital likeness.

In the suit, Levine claims that the company included a feature in the game that gave players the opportunity to use his avatar and make it sing, dance and perform other songs by other artists that he did not approve. He also alleges that the game included a feature that allowed users to have Levine's avatar performing other songs in voices not his own.

According to the suit, Activision had sought permission from other musical artists for expanded use and paid them a higher fee than Levine received.

In February, an appeals court allowed No Doubt to go ahead with its own suit against Activision, knocking the game publisher's free speech defense.

Activision could not be reached for comment.