Turntable.fm Had 207,000 Uniques in July -- Impressive, But Not as Big as Some Said
Turntable.fm Had 207,000 Uniques in July -- Impressive, But Not as Big as Some Said

Turntable.fm may have raised $7.5 million and captured the fascination of music lovers across the U.S., but more established music services need to worry just yet. According to comScore information shared with Billboard.biz, Turntable.fm had 207,000 unique visitors in July.

Capturing over 200,000 visitors in the third month of operation, and with no marketing budget, is actually quite a feat. But the number hints Turntable.fm is attracting fewer people than media reports have lead to believe. Claims of " 140,000 in its first month," "300,000 users in 2 months" and " 400,000-something monthly active users" suggest Turntabe.fm has far exceeded its current reach.

To put it in perspective, Pandora, another noninteractive service, finished April with 94 million registered users and 34 million active users, according to the company's proxy statement filed with the SEC. The company defines an active user as one that has requested audio from its servers in the previous 30 days. That means Pandora has about 164 times as many monthly listeners as Turntable.fm.

Now the important question is which direction Turntable.fm's traffic is heading. Some of the numbers quoted in the media have come from AppData. Although AppData's estimate of unique visitors differs from that of comScore, a more trustworthy source, it has clearly tracked a decline in monthly average users. As of August 12, AppData puts Turntable.fm's monthly average users at 335,000, down from just under 369,000 on August 1 and down from over 371,000 in mid-July.

Other data also points to waning interest in the U.S. Google searches by US Internet users for Turntable.fm peaked in late June and have since fallen by almost half, according to Google Trends. And even though many pundits believe Turntable.fm trumps just-launched freemium service Spotify, the latter had 17.5 times the U.S. Google search traffic of Turntable.fm in July and so far has nearly 20 times the U.S. Google search traffic in August