Watsky's 'Kind of Sexy' Spurs Social 50 Chart Re-entry
Watsky's 'Kind of Sexy' Spurs Social 50 Chart Re-entry

A mixtape helps slam-poet-turned-rapper Watsky re-enters Billboard's Social 50 chart, where he pops back on at No. 48.

He released "A New Kind of Sexy" for free download on Aug. 12 via Bandcamp.com, while five days later he uploaded his Lupe Fiasco mini-mix "Show Goes On" to YouTube.

On Aug. 14 he also participated in the viral web series "Epic Rap Battles of History," which features historical figures battle-rapping against each other. This time out, Shakespeare (Watsky) took on Dr. Seuss (Mickey Meyer) and The Cat and the Hat (Nice Peter).

Together, these events bumped Watsky's audience from 5,200 to 13,000 new fans week-to-week.

Watsky first appeared on the Social 50 chart for two weeks earlier this year, after he racked up millions of views in just a week's time for the "pale kid raps fast" clip.

Billboard's Social 50 chart ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Making an impressive 40-17 vault, the Red Hot Chili Peppers shoot up the tally, thanks to the debut of the video for their single "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" on Aug. 14. Since then, the video, which features a rooftop performance, has added a modest 1.1 million views. This video precedes the Aug. 30 release of their latest album "I'm With You." In total, the group's fan base grew by 259,000 fans week-to-week, across all monitored social networks and music outlets.

Similarly, Skrillex released his latest video and leaped 41-21. The video for the single "First of the Year" -- off the EP "More Monsters and Sprites" -- debuted on Aug. 17, pulling in 750,000 views.

His prior video "Rock n Roll," which debuted on June 20, sits at 2.9 million views. On Facebook, Skrillex boasted his fans from 65,000 to 113,000 week-to-week, for a total of 1.3 million fan overall.

Buzz rapper Mac Miller grabs to the highest re-entry this week, coming in at No. 38. The video for the first single "Frick Park Market" -- off the soon-to-be released album "Blue Slide Park" -- came out on Aug. 18. It now has 2.8 million YouTube views, helping concurrently raise his profile views from 50,000 to 104,000 views, week-to-week. With this, his Facebook fans noticeably leaped from 44,000 to 100,000 new fans added, week-to-week, adding to his overall total of 145,000 fans added.

In the top ten, Lady Gaga makes a subtle 5-3 climb, following the release of the video for the single "You And I." Since debuting on Aug. 16, the clips has earned more than 9.8 million views, boasting her total VEVO plays up to 12.8 million this week. Originally, the video was slated to premier during a big MTV special, but those plans changed, due to a video leak that appeared on Perez Hilton's blog.

As she had planned, her 1,000th tweet also announced the video's arrival. Across her social networks, Gaga grew by 233,000 Twitter followers and nearly 278,000 Facebook fans.

As for the rest: Justin Bieber (No. 1), Rihanna (No. 2), Shakira (No. 4), and Eminem (No. 7) hold their respective positions on the tally. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez (8-6) and Adele (11-9) rise, while Michael Jackson (3-5) and Katy Perry (6-8) take a tumble.