eMusic Partners With The Echo Nest to Create eMusic Radio
eMusic Partners With The Echo Nest to Create eMusic Radio

eMusic has partnered with The Echo Nest to build new products for its digital music service using The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform. The first result of the partnership is eMusic Radio, radio programs hosted at eMusic that help listeners explore the store's music catalog.

eMusic Radio's programs, which were quietly launched in early August, utilize The Echo Nest's Playlist and Taste Profiling engine to build song lists based on song attributes. Editorial writers start with a core group of songs when building the radio programs, explains Richard Caccappolo, chief technology officer of eMusic. Next The Echo Nest makes recommendations for the program based on attributes - such as tempo, key and energy - selected by the curator. All radio programs are DMCA-compliant, he adds.

On Tuesday there were 48 different radio programs spanning a wide range of genres. Labels will get involved, too -- one of the 48 programs available Tuesday is the Blue Note Records-curated " Explore Blue Note Records."

Both members and non-members can listen to eMusic Radio. Customers can listen up to ten hours each month. A new consumer tier, the "eMusic Guest," can listen free for up to ten hours in 14 days.

Working with eMusic gave The Echo Nest an opportunity to use its tools in different ways, says The Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese. Normally an app's user interface and user experience are designed to reach everybody from a casual to serious fan. But because eMusic has a relatively knowledgeable group of customers and strong editorial content, the Echo Nest was able to help eMusic drill deeper into its catalog in ways that might not work for other digital services. "There's more clarity around what the user is and what that user wants," says Lucchese.

Songs played by the radio programs, as well as all song previews, appear in a permanent, expandable audio player that runs across the bottom of the screen. This allows consumers to browse the store without interrupting the music. The audio player also contains basic song information and a buy button that links to the song's eMusic album page. When expanded, the audio player offers information of the currently played song and a recent history of songs played.

The Echo Nest's music intelligence tools that help power nearly 200 different applications and services, including MOG's music subscription service, We Are Hunted, MTV Music Meter, Shuffler.fm and the BBC Music Showcase.