Nimbit Revamps MyStore for Facebook, NimbitFree
Nimbit Revamps MyStore for Facebook, NimbitFree

Nimbit Revamps MyStore for Facebook, NimbitFree

Direct-to-fan platform Nimbit unveiled completely revamped version of its MyStore for Facebook as well as its free platform, NimbitFree. "We completely overhauled the user interfaces and underlying technology," explains, Carl Jacobson, Vice President of Marketing.

The new MyStore has a long list of new aspects and features. It was designed in iOS-friendly HTML5. Artists can let fans name their own price. It includes a "Nimbit player" for sharing audio in the Facebook news feed. Sharing functions for Facebook, Twitter and email are built it. There is a new shopping cart, checkout and personalized receipts. And that's just to name a few.

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Thursday's Facebook f8 conference will show how Facebook enables discovery, but it's companies like Nimbit that are helping artists monetize the relationship with Facebook friends. "Facebook is taking a huge leap forward as the premier destination where fans connect with artists, and it's rapidly becoming the place where they want to buy from and support them too," said Bob Cramer, Nimbit's Chairman and CEO, in a statement.

The redesigned NimbitFree service provides a centralized dashboard where artists can manage all of their direct-to-fan sales and marketing activities. It boasts a new user interface and includes the updated MyStore for Facebook. Among its features are analytics to show where sales and fan activity are happening and integrated reporting to Next Big Sound that reflects new fans, followers, plays, views and comments at social media services.

NimbitFree allows artists to sell only digital items and e-tickets. To sell physical items, an artist needs a NimbitIndie account ($12.95 per month or $129 per year) or NimbitPro account ($24.95 per month or $249 per year).

To celebrate the release of the new MyStore for Facebook, anyone who installs the MyStore on their Facebook Page through November 10, 2011, can enter to win a complete Direct-To-Fan Launch Package valued at over $2,500.