iPhone 5: Five Things To Expect At Tomorrow's Launch
iPhone 5: Five Things To Expect At Tomorrow's Launch

Apple will "talk iPhone" with the world Tuesday at an event at the company's Cupertino campus. The event is expected to unveil the next generation of iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 5 - and could include updates to previous incarnations of the smartphone as well.

As is always the case with an Apple product launch, there are a lot of educated guesses about the details to be unveiled even though analysts, journalists and experts are not in agreement. Nevertheless, here are five key aspects to Tuesday's event and what you can expect in each of them.

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1. A bigger touchscreen. The iPhone 5 is widely expected to have a larger touchscreen than its predecessors, but analysts and pundits are hardly in agreement on the touchscreen as well as changes to the design. Some people believe the shape of the iPhone 5 will be a teardrop when viewed from the side, which would mean the top of the device would have a normal width and the bottom would be considerably thinner.

2. A faster processor. The iPhone 5 is expected to have the same A5 dual-core processor that's currently in the iPad 2, PC World reports. It is also expected to have more RAM (raised to 1GB from 512MB).

3. A cheaper iPhone 4 - maybe. As an updated model of the iPhone is rolled out, some analysts are expecting Apple to also make the iPhone 4 more affordable. "We also expect the announcement of a lower-priced iPhone that will basically be a lower-cost 3GS," Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek told Reuters. But other analysts, such as Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster, do not expect Apple to make such a move.

4. An appearance by Steve Jobs. The iPhone 5 is the first product announcement for newly appointed CEO Tim Cook. Steve Jobs, Apple's chairman, could make an appearance. A Reuters article says Jobs is expected to be there. But given Jobs' health issues, his absence would be understandable.

5. Maybe the arrival of iCloud. As Time's TechLand blog notes, a welcome email for the company's iCloud online storage service was apparently sent out early to a consumer. Whether or not the email foretells of a coming iCloud launch is unknown, but it would seem to give a bit of credibility to predictions that Apple will announce iCloud on Tuesday. And considering Apple's mobile success is becoming more dependent on its cloud strategy, the timing of an iPhone 5 launch seems like a good time to also launch iCloud.