Rhapsody CPO Brendan Benzing Talks Napster Acquisition @ Future of Music Conference
Rhapsody CPO Brendan Benzing Talks Napster Acquisition @ Future of Music Conference

Rhapsody Chief Product Officer Brendan Benzing sat on a panel called "New Frontiers in Mobile & Music and spoke about his company's acquisition of Napster today. (Photo: Sarah Godfrey)

Shortly after news of Rhapsody's acquisition of Napster broke, Rhapsody Chief Product Offer Brendan Benzing discussed trends, and the future of the mobile music space, at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. on Monday afternoon.

During his remarks at the national music advocacy non-profit's annual conference, Benzing said that Rhapsody is "the largest music subscription service, and acquiring Napster today makes us even larger."

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Other than size (the company has around 800,00 subscribers), Benzing said one of the things that continues to differentiate Rhapsody in the crowded music subscription market is the service's flexibility. "There seems to be a sense of staying within the Apple family, the Android family, or the Microsoft family....whereas we see ourselves as playing a broader role, going across all platforms. We offer something unique."

Benzing spoke on a panel called "New Frontiers in Mobile & Music," with Jeff Toig, general manager of Muve Music, the unlimited music service offered through prepaid cell phone carrier Cricket, and Gigi B. Sohn, president of Public Knowledge, the digital advocacy group that has vocally opposed the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger.

The panel is part of the programming at the Future of Music Coalition's two-day annual summit in Washington, D.C., which examines new law, policy, and technology developments in the music industry.