Exfm Converts Web into Music Library with New Platform Debut
Exfm Converts Web into Music Library with New Platform Debut

Social music discovery platform exfm has revamped its offerings-which previously included a free Google Chrome extension and iOS app-to now include support for Firefox and Safari browsers along with a new website and a site player designed specifically for music blogs.

Previously, exfm functioned as a bookmarking and discovery tool for music: A user visited their favorite music site and the app notified them when songs were available to be played. Once they clicked on the app, they could play, share, and "love" the songs they came across. That much is still present in the new platform, but exfm has placed a stronger emphasis on social and discovery.

When you visit the website, the friends and influencers you're following are prominently displayed on the left side-bar-and if clicked on, a customizable profile opens up, wherein you can play their "loved" songs, see who they're following, and view a feed of their recent music activities. This feature makes it easy to lean forward and explore or lean back and enjoy some songs.

Above the friends tab, three music discovery options are displayed: Trending, Explore, and Sites. In Trending, twenty of exfm's most "loved" songs are displayed and can be heard and loved.

Under Explore, several deeper-level of discovery verticals emerge. Each day, the staff selects a site of the day-typically a hip-music blog or quirky publication-which is playable as a station.

Next up, music is segmented into genre stations-such as indie, shoegaze, and country, among others-in a way that's reminiscent of Shuffler.fm, another music discovery service, which relies on blogs. There's also featured album, a list of site tastemakers, a monthly mix tape (songs curated by the exfm team), and a feed of the latest loved songs, which shows site-wide user activity.

After exploring the trove of music and loving a few new songs, head over to Sites, which is where your music library resides, in a Spotify-like layout-organized by sites, artists, and albums.

From a consumer-facing standpoint, this is what's new. But also, Exfm is exploring the notion of creating music products for publications too, with the roll-out of a new site player.

Site owners can customize the color of their player and seed it with their music. That way, users without the browser extension can still enjoy the benefits of the robust player and discover the exfm platform. Since its launch in March 2010, the platform has grown to accommodate over 60,000 users-and with websites exposing their readers to exfm that number will likely increase.

The Rise of Capture Culture: How Apps Are Revolutionizing Music Collecting

As this happens, capture culture-where users obtain songs from their environment, using web and mobile apps, and sync them instantly to their cloud library-may become more pervasive.

To exfm, the entire web is a music library, waiting to discovered, played, and captured. Music is not something to be collected over a lifetime, it's there to be captured and shared with friends in the moment. Every day presents an opportunity to discover something new and revisit the past.