Jay Frank, Former CMT Exec, Launches DigSin Record Label
Jay Frank, Former CMT Exec, Launches DigSin Record Label

Jay Frank, the former SVP Music Strategy at CMT, has launched an innovative record label called DigSin, revolving around a subscription model focusing on individual tracks. The label will be based in his current home town of Nashville.

DigSin's name derives from the label's business model: digital singles. "DigSin is the result of years of examining the new ways music fans find and listen to music," said Frank in a statement. "We are committing ourselves to expose new songs in a targeted, organic way that enables us to be a trusted filter to music fans."

Customers who subscribe to DigSin will receive all new releases free of charge. In fact, visitors to the DigSin web site can sign up now. Social networking, analytics and traditional promotional outlets, Frank adds, will also be integral to the label.

The plan is to "generate revenue in both traditional and non-traditional ways," according to the press release, although details are scarce right now. The label says it intends to partner with "advertisers and other outlets" to expose its music to a wide audience.

Before Frank's position at CMT, he was VP Programming and Label Relations at Yahoo! Music. He's also known for his book "Futurehit.DNA," which details the ingredients of successful songs, and the blog of the same name.

Releasing only singles is an idea that connects to the way people buy and experience music today. In years past, Sub Pop Records had its Sub Pop Singles Club and musician Bob Mould created his Singles Only Label - both released physical singles and were short-lived. But the rationale behind the creation of DigSin has been more evident in recent years, with the rise of digital distribution and increased involvement of corporate brands. Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound and the RCRD LBL blog are two examples of brand-supported music served in single doses.