Apple's New 'Music' App Replaces 'iPod'...And Deletes Music?
Apple's New 'Music' App Replaces 'iPod'...And Deletes Music?

Say goodbye to "iPod" -- say hello to "Music." As suspected, Apple changed the name of its music player app, found on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, during its recent iOS 5 launch. It's now known simply as "Music." The company stopped short of canceling the iPod Classic, although that's likely on its way out for reasons mentioned here. After our arduous iOS 5 upgrade, during which our iPhone was bricked -- and therefore approximately as useful as many Blackberrys were yesterday -- we noticed that Apple's deletion of the word "iPod" from the iPhone was accompanied by another, more confusing deletion: of our music.

apple ipod app becomes music

I can't remember how many songs were stored on my iPhone, but with this update to iOS 5, they're deleted (see screenshot to the right), even after all of the syncing I've done -- which was a lot. Apple managed to restore my apps even after my iPhone was unable to boot up for hours yesterday afternoon... so why not the music? This will likely remain a mystery, because it's notoriously difficult to receive answers from Apple about this sort of thing. But we noticed it, so there it is: The iOS 5 update deletes music, or at least it did in our case, and we don't know why.

What we do know is that developers can build apps that play the music stored on an iPhone, and that Apple released an API (application programming interface) that lets third-party developers integrate their apps with iCloud.

At some point after I transfer some music back onto this iPhone, I look forward to seeing what developers can build to play songs stored locally on the iPhone, and quite possibly from iCloud too.

For now, this iPhone is tuneless.

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