Beatport Launches Baseware, Will Begin Selling Music Through iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Mobile Apps
Beatport Launches Baseware, Will Begin Selling Music Through iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Mobile Apps

Yesterday (Oct. 18), Beatport - a digital music store with one of the largest collections of electronic music - announced the creation of Baseware, a new digital music distribution company that will simplify the process of packaging, distributing and selling music. The new company will be able to sell its electronic dance music through iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Stompy and other mobile apps.

"Baseware™, first and foremost, is about breaking down the barriers to getting your music heard - and actually getting paid for it." Explains Matthew Adell in a statement on the Baseware website.

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With 77 million downloads sold since its launch in 2004 and upwards of $100 million distributed back to independent labels and artists, Beatport expects that Baseware will expand its contribution to and support of Electronic Dance Music.

The company claims to have more than 3,500 direct relationships with suppliers who represent 17,000 labels and artists, and 95% of its sales derived from independent labels.

"Beatport is a trendsetting brand for Electronic Dance Music," said Ken Parks, Chief Content Officer of Spotify in a statement. "Beatport represents some of the finest Electronic Dance Music, artists and labels in the world, so we're thrilled to partner with Baseware™ to be able to offer this exceptional content to Spotify's millions of users all over the world."

Beatport already has a dashboard called Baseware, where label owners can track their sales, see their catalog and check how many subscribers' artists have. The new distribution business will use this proprietary software tool set. Led by Viva Recordings owner and former OSEAO distribution manager, John Lemmon, the new software will become available to 3,500 music suppliers.

"We want to foster emerging creativity and help electronic artists make their work available for sale not only on Beatport, but across numerous channels," said Matthew Adell, CEO of Beatport in a press release.

Beatport will be holding an open meet-and-greet to discuss "How To Get Your Music On Beatport," including Baseware, at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in Amsterdam on October 20th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm local time. Both John Lemmon (General Manager) and Clark Warner (VP of Music Services) will be there to answer questions.