Maggie Vail Leaves Kill Rock Stars for Nonprofit CASH Music
Maggie Vail Leaves Kill Rock Stars for Nonprofit CASH Music

Maggie Vail, whose name has been virtually synonymous with the Kill Rock Stars label for more than 17 years, has left the company and will be focusing fulltime on CASH Music, a nonprofit "that builds open source digital tools for artists and labels -- what Wordpress did for bloggers we're doing for musicians," she said. "It's exciting work and now that Mozilla has taken us under their wing in their WebFWD program, things are looking solid for the future."

"We're in the process of building our first major release -- a distributed platform that will allow artists to have tools like downloads, streams, social feeds, etc all for free on their own site," she told "I really believe in what CASH is doing -- we're basically looking to commoditize a whole layer of music tech and make it free and open. "

Over the years, Vail worked with nearly every artist in the Kill Rock Stars discography, including the Decemberists, Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Deerhoof, the Gossip, the Thermals and many more.

Her departure from the label, which has been known for several weeks, is part of layoffs that also affected her sister Tobi (also a member of Bikini Kill, Frumpies and the Old Haunts), who had been with KRS for the better part of 20 years. Portia Sabin will be taking over Maggie's duties at the label.