Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees
Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees

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No. 9
Sharon Dastur

PD, WHTZ New York, Clear Channel Radio
Twitter: @Z100NewYork

Fifteen years ago, aspiring to the role of PD at a major top 40 radio station, Sharon Dastur relocated from KRBE Houston to become the program coordinator at WHTZ (Z100) New York. She rose through the ranks, eventually becoming its first female PD (and fourth overall). In that role, Dastur has helped grow Z100 into one of the world's most influential top 40 stations. "Z100 has always been viewed, not only in the United States but also around the world, as this big top 40 brand," says Dastur, who executive-produces Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden. "I feel fortunate that I've been here so long to be a part of that influence." Dastur has focused on expanding Z100's brand beyond the airwaves through its website, Facebook, Twitter and the mobile app iHeartRadio. "We're no longer just a radio brand; we're a full media brand," she says. "Our real goal is to have our listeners experience Z100 wherever they want and to find us on all the products and services they expect."

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