Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees
Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees

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No. 25
Jessica Steel

Executive VP of business and corporate development, Pandora Media
Twitter: @pandora_radio

Jessica Steel has led Pandora's business development since 2004, when Savage Beast Technologies pivoted into the personalized Internet radio service that evolved into Pandora. She says her main role has always been to increase Pandora's distribution. As executive VP of business and corporate development, Steel brought in some important partners in 2011: Cadillac and Honda became Pandora's 13th and 14th auto partners while Clarion became the sixth auto after-market partner. The company also continued its expansion into consumer electronics, with more than 400 Pandora-ready devices now on the market. Among the new partnerships is a deal to supply Pandora to Verizon's FiOS subscribers, a partnership with DMX for a business version of Pandora and the addition of a Pandora button to the remote control for the Roku set-top box. Steel, a musician who has put out two albums under the name Jessica Stone, has created a group at Pandora called Women in Business that brings together women in the company for community outreach and a hosted speaker series at the Pandora office. Calling it "wildly successful," she says the group now contains more than 85 of Pandora's 400 employees.

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