Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees
Billboard's 2011 Women In Music Honorees

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No. 33 (tie)
Frances Moore

Twitter: @IFPI_org

This year brought a major victory for Frances Moore as CEO of IFPI, the international trade organization of the recording industry. Moore has been a leading force in the drive to extend copyright protection for sound recordings in the European Union from 50 to 70 years-and legislation extending that protection passed in September. "Term extension in the EU was a massive win for the whole music sector in Europe," she says. "It was a long haul, but it shows that if you fight long and hard enough for something that is fair and right, then you can prevail in the end." This year IFPI also achieved a ground-breaking initiative involving the music industry, online payment providers and the City of London police. It resulted in the removal of payment services from dozens of websites infringing on copyrights. IFPI also successfully lobbied for a commitment from G8 world leaders to protect intellectual property, facing down strong hostility from the tech industry. "It was a key acknowledgement of the contribution of music and other creative industries to the world economy," Moore says, "and that statement has a ripple effect around the world."

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