Pancakes, Chris Brown Push Mac Lethal onto Billboard's Social 50 Chart
Pancakes, Chris Brown Push Mac Lethal onto Billboard's Social 50 Chart

Rapper Mac Lethal debuts on the Social 50 chart at No. 31 after launching two viral memes -- the "Pancake Rap" and "Texts From Bennett" -- on Nov. 30. The first, a video of him rhyming over the beat of Chris Brown's single "Look At Me Now" while cooking pancakes has garnered more than 6 million YouTube views. Meanwhile, his Tumblr account of comical texts from his cousin has helped him gain 13,000 Twitter followers.

The chart's rankings are determined by activity monitored on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike, using a formula that blends weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

On Nov. 26, Lethal posted a status on Facebook, saying with much excitement and surprise that the video for his 2008 single "Black Widow Spider" had crossed the threshold of 200,000 views. Little did he know that the "Pancake Rap" video that he uploaded to YouTube around 2 a.m. on Nov. 30 would gain 132,000 views in 16 hours and cross the 7 million mark in the next seven days.

But that's not all.

The Tumblr "Texts from Bennett" debuted on Nov. 12 and went on to become a front-page story on the social news site Reddit on Nov. 30, which helped catapult it into a viral-sharing craze. Whether or not the messages are real has many people guessing, but Lethal continues to hold his stance that they're "100% real."

The rapper jumped from a mere 686 fans added last week to amassing 60,000 fans this week, roughly 31,000 of those new fans subscribed to his YouTube channel and another 24,500 of them 'Liked' him on Facebook.

With the debut of the video for Lady Gaga's latest single "Marry the Night," she grips on to her No. 3 position on the tally. Since being uploaded on Dec. 2, the clip has been viewed more than 13 million times, boasting her total Vevo plays up to 23 million week-to-week. Her fan base also grew, with a bump of 351,000 total fans added.

Nickelodeon stars Big Time Rush debut on the tally at No. 49 thanks to the buzz surrounding its live performance of Mariah Carey's classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on NBC's 14th annual "Christmas In Rockefeller Center" special on Nov. 30. Week-to-week, the group added 244,000 fans and had a total of 1.8 million YouTube views.

Back in the top 10, Boyce Avenue jolts 29-8 after crossing the 1 million YouTube subscriber mark and seeing a substantial burst of Facebook fans (28,000) and YouTube profile views (379,000). On Dec. 4, the group released a cover of the single "Wherever You Will Go" by the Calling, which has since gained 747,000 views.

As for the rest of the top this week: Justin Bieber (No. 1) and Adele (No. 2) hold their spots. Rihanna (5-4), LMFAO (9-6), Eminem (11-7) and Pitbull (17-9) jump, while Shakira (4-5) and Katy Perry (6-10) fall.