RightsFlow Acquired by Google
RightsFlow Acquired by Google

RightsFlow has been acquired by Google, according to a note posted on the site by the company president and CEO Patrick Sullivan.

The note is vague on details, so it is unclear how the move will impact the company's relationships with other digital service providers like Rhapsody, for which it provides bulk mechanical licensing and administration and reporting support.

In the note, Sullivan says in part: "We're pleased to now be taking a momentous step with the team at YouTube, that shares in our vision of solving the really challenging problem of copyright management. Combined with the worldwide platform and reach of YouTube, we'll now be able to drive awareness, adoption, and licensing success to a much larger audience - ultimately benefiting users, artists, labels, songwriters, publishers, and the entire global music ecosystem."

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At press time, reps for RightsFlow had not granted Billboard's request for comment.