Jose Juan Segura, Regional Mexican Manager, Survives Shooting in Sinaloa
Jose Juan Segura, Regional Mexican Manager, Survives Shooting in Sinaloa

José Juan Segura, a respected manager in the regional Mexican music realm whose client list includes Los Cuates de Sinaloa and Tigrillo Palma, is in a hospital after being shot numerous times while driving in Sinaloa, Mexico.

According to published reports, Segura was driving a Lincoln SUV Tuesday and was followed by another car whose passengers started shooting, wounding him at least twice.

Segura's car was hit several times, leading him to lose control and finally crash, according to reports.

Sources say Segura is alive but in critical care.

Although not as visible as in 2007, when norteño singers Valentín Elizalde and Sergio Gómez were murdered, violence continues to plague the regional Mexican music circuit, Earlier this year, for example, Gerardo Ortiz, the big winner at the Billboard Mexican Music Awards, survived a murder attempt that left his business manager and his driver dead. And in November, singer Diego Rivas was shot dead in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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Although the violence has affected multiple genres within the regional Mexican realm-with some of it attributed to common crime-some of it is directed specifically at artists who perform narco-corridos, the songs that talk of drug dealers' exploits.

The problem has merited the attention of the governor of Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez, who last May signed a measure that prohibits airing narcocorridos and bars and venues from having live performances of the music.