A Letter From The Academy
A Letter From The Academy

You And Your Music Industry Peers

Grammy Awards

One of the things that has always separated the Grammy Awards from other music awards presentations is the Grammy pedigree: The Grammy Awards come from a long line of established, professional voting members who evaluate, nominate and ultimately select winners from among their peers each year. Pros voting on pros gives the Grammys a distinct credibility, and Grammy Award recipients know that their work was reviewed and acknowledged by those who live, breathe and most importantly, make music.

The Recording Academy's approximately 12,000 voting members come from all walks of music: musicians, songwriters, artists, producers, engineers, DJs, conductors, art directors and others who meet the Academy's working-professional criteria. Voting members are professionals with creative or technical credits on six commercially released tracks (or their equivalent) or 12 digitally released tracks (or their equivalent).

For a songwriter, for example, that means documented credit as a writer or co-writer on six commercially released tracks or 12 digital tracks. For an art director, credited design on a similar number of projects is required.

Once membership criteria has been met, becoming a member is as simple as filling out an online application at the Academy member website, Grammy365.com. Once accepted, voting membership affords all the benefits of general Academy membership. For example, members become part of a collective that advocates for the rights of music makers, have the ability to participate in events and network with others who take their passion for music seriously, and can even access exclusive discounts on the goods and services they use most.

Many of these activities highlight the Academy's year-round goal to positively impact the music industry and the lives of music people, not just the one night of the year when music fans' eyes and ears are focused on the Grammy Awards.

Voting membership takes all this one step further. By participating and voting in the Grammy Awards process, these members become perhaps the industry's most high-profile tastemakers. Voting membership is a well-earned privilege, and can be seen as a symbol of one's establishment and impact in the industry.