Morning Heds: Frampton Sues A&M, Sony Sells LCD TV Biz, Cee-Lo Goes Gold Without An Album
Morning Heds: Frampton Sues A&M, Sony Sells LCD TV Biz, Cee-Lo Goes Gold Without An Album

Royalty suits filed vs. labels
On Friday, singer-guitarist Peter Frampton sued A&M Records, a unit of Universal Music Group, claiming he was paid a fraction of what he was due for downloads of his '70s hits.

Sony Sells LCD Venture Stake to Samsung as Losses From TVs Mount

Sony Corp. sold its stake in the venture with Samsung Electronics Co. to make liquid-crystal displays to the South Korean company after predicting an eighth consecutive year of losses from TVs amid sluggish demand.

The Quarter In Review: Q3 2011

Round-up of music business stories.

Obama Likes the Internet, So He'll Probably Veto SOPA if It Gets That Far

Unless there's a really big shift in sentiment among members of Congress on both sides of the ideological aisle, some version of the Stop Online Piracy Act is going to be passed by Congress

Music: 2011, the Year for Calle 13
Prensa Latina

The Puerto Rican duet Calle 13 became the stars of the Latin Grammy music awards night in 2011, with an album that made history in the Latin Grammys. With it, they threw a message to the world: Latin America is making a significant mark in the world of music.

BBC Radio 6 Music goes vinyl-only on New Year's Day
The Guardian

Station to devote whole day to vinyl format with presenters including Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey and Cerys Matthews

Digital Music News Skrillex If Youre Broke Please Pirate My Album
Digital Music News

So, what happens when you tell your fans that piracy is okay? Even when your major label says it's definitely not okay? You may just end up with more purchases in the end, and much stronger fan relationships.

Cee Lo Strikes Gold, Without a Gold Album
New York Times

Cee Lo - a cannonball-shaped man devoted to the Liberace and Elton John school of showmanship - will earn about $20 million this year. Record sales represent the smallest slice of the revenue pie, according to Larry Mestel, the chief executive of Cee Lo's management company, Primary Wave Music. The collapse in record sales over the last decade has decimated the bottom line, and a hit song alone is no longer enough to bring in superstar wealth.

Dolly Parton Hopes to Bring Autobiographical Musical to Broadway
Broadway World

Country superstar Dolly Parton, who stepped into the world of Broadway in 2009 writing music and lyrics to the musical adaptation of 9 to 5, plans on returning in the not-so-distant future. "I'm writing my life story as a musical for Broadway," the singer tells WENN. "I probably won't be in it but I'll find a way to introduce it somehow, maybe the older me."

For Once Obscure Music, A Golden Age of Reissues

The Atlantic

The stream of now-classic, once-hard-to-find albums that have been recently reissued, and those still to be released, would have been once unimaginable. The list of boxed sets from this year alone is worthy of awe: collections from American primitivist John Fahey, Chicago punk band Jesus Lizard, DC hardcore outfit Void, krautrock originators Can, Turkish psych pioneer Erkin Koray, Seattle funk, indie rock stalwarts Neutral Milk Hotel, music of the Ottoman-American diaspora, and Ghanian folk.

The Music Club, 2011: The Year When Indie Music and R&B Made Nice

But there are uncool othernesses in these genres, too. Both excel at quaintness, coziness, and vulnerability. Both are good at fragility, too, though they come at it in completely different ways.