Morning Heds: Music Biz's 2011 Recovery, Why America Loves Skrillex, Frank Ocean & Def Jam Make Up
Morning Heds: Music Biz's 2011 Recovery, Why America Loves Skrillex, Frank Ocean & Def Jam Make Up

Music Sales, Show Tickets Rose in 2011
Wall Street Journal
The music industry showed signs of potential recovery in 2011, as sales of albums and concert tickets reversed declines, though it would be premature to declare a full-fledged recovery.

The Music Business Welcomes the Future, a Decade Behind Schedule
It took more than a decade. But the music industry's sales numbers are finally starting to make sense to the kind of people who are reading this story right now: For the first time ever, the labels' digital sales have surpassed CDs and vinyl.

Taio Cruz Curises up UK Midweek Charts
Music Week

Taio Cruz is mounting a late challenge to debut high on the singles chart this coming weekend with his brand new release Troublemaker.

Barnes & Noble May split off Nook, Cuts Forecast


Barnes & Noble Inc cut its Nook sales forecast and shocked investors by saying it may spin off its fast-growing digital business, sending its shares plunging 17 percent.

Azealia Banks on XL Records: 'Screw You!', Richard Russell Called Her 'Amateur'....

Daily Swarm

Azealia Banks was none too pleased at the treatment she received from XL Records head Richard Russell… the first volley comes from Self-Titled

Esme Barrera: Jim Ward, Indie Bands Pay Tribute as Murder Victim Remembered
International Business Times

Jim Ward is just one of the numerous friends, family members and even total strangers who has been rocked by the New Year's murder of Esme Barrera, a staple of the Austin music scene and a dedicated teaching assistant to children with special needs.

Dave Grohl joins the Ratt pack
According to a Facebook post, Grohl is to work with members of the hair-metal band Ratt. The project was announced on the social networking site by Ratt's lead singer, Stephen Pearcy, who said Grohl would be overseeing a mysterious and "way cool thing".

Spotify Doesn't Sound So Great to Some Artists
Adele is among a vanguard of artists including Coldplay, The Black Keys, and Tom Waits who have opted not to make their latest albums available on streaming-music services like Rdio, Mog, and Spotify, where users pay a monthly fee of $5 to $10 to listen to as much music as they want, or listen for free with occasional advertisements. Artists earn money from such services every time their songs are played, but some believe the revenue doesn't match what they'd get from outright sales.

Why Does America Love Skrillex?
New York Magazine

His asymmetrical side-cut hair inspires blogs and novelty songs. The guy is rapidly becoming the face of something: a big American groundswell of love for buzzy, populist dance music.

Frank Ocean's Def Jam Debut this Spring

In an interview with BBC News that was released earlier today (January 5), Frank Ocean revealed that since his relations with Def Jam Records have been repaired, both parties are ready to release his highly-anticipated second album this spring.

Gil Scott Heron's Last Words (book excerpt)

Next month, the visionary poet, rap/hip-hop pioneer, and author Gil Scott-Heron will be honoured with a Special Merit Award at the Grammys. Here is an exclusive extract from his forthcoming memoir, The Last Holiday

L.A.'s World-Famous V.I.P. Records Is Closing Up Shop...
Via Daily Swarm

The shop is open, but it's empty, which is par for the course lately. That's why after 33 years in business, owner Kelvin Anderson was scheduled to close V.I.P.'s doors for good this past weekend…

The Smart Way to Fight Content Piracy
Jakarta Globe

Throughout the past decades, the pirates have been battling the rights-holders (or rather their organizations), with accusations thrown back and forth. Consumers, caught in the middle, have often been forced to choose between the accessible and illegal, and the inaccessible and legal.
Fortunately, this is changing.

BBC Sound of 2012 Winner Named

Michael Kiwanuka is the BBC Sound of 2012 winner. Not many artists highlighted by BBC Sound of over the years can claim to be influenced by a free covermount CD on a magazine. That is the tale of Michael Kiwanuka however, he left early musical loves Nirvana and Radiohead behind when he came upon a rare recording of Otis Redding's Sitting On The Dock of the Bay on a magazine tribute to Bob Dylan.