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Power Players

No. 20
Arthur Fogel

Chairman of Global Touring
Live Nation Entertainment
The Quiet King Of The Mega-Tour...

In a 2005 Billboard article breaking down Arthur Fogel's global touring strategies, a few notable figures touted his skills: Bono, David Bowie, Sting and Madonna. "Arthur Fogel knows how to make the impossible possible," Madonna said of Fogel. Then, Fogel's only peer was Michael Cohl, the promoter of record for the Rolling Stones beginning in 1989. With Cohl focused on Broadway, Fogel stands unrivaled as a producer of the global mega-tour. Fogel and his streamlined global touring team have now steered four of the top five highest-grossing tours in history, according to Billboard Boxscore, with the Police reunion, Madonna's Sticky & Sweet and the Vertigo and epic 360 tours by U2 (see No. 27) taking in a combined $2 billion at the box office. Incidentally, 360 holds the record for the biggest tour ever in both gross ($736.4 million) and attendance (7.3 million), records that could stand forever. Fogel also orchestrated the entrance of Lady Gaga (No. 84) into the elite ranks of touring artists and played a key role in Live Nation's multirights deals with such acts as Madonna and U2. Behind the scenes, Fogel inspires fierce loyalty from his clients while marshaling touring armies that make the impossible possible.

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