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Power Players

No. 39
Mark Campana & Bob Roux

Live Nation
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Locally Sourced...

When Live Nation Entertainment global music chief executive Jason Garner exited the company in November 2010, it signaled a shift toward placing more decision-making authority in the hands of regional management. Live Nation soon promoted longtime promoters Mark Campana (pictured) and Bob Roux to co-presidents of North America concerts. Campana and Roux oversee booking, operations and venues in their respective territories. Campana, based in Chicago, handles the North: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. Roux, in Houston, oversees the South: Florida; the Carolinas; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Texas; Phoenix; Las Vegas; Seattle; Denver; New Mexico; and California. The move away from Live Nation's one-size-fits-all strategy under Garner now allows for a more traditional approach of seeking local input into touring, booking and pricing. Campana and Roux have restored power in strategic decisions regarding on-sale dates, competition awareness, regional economics, marketing and radio promotion, and which venues to book. It's a powerful strategy.

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