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Power Players

No. 43
Chip Hooper

Worldwide Head of Music
Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency
Quiet Storm...

When Paradigm Talent & Literary Agency chairman Sam Gores jumped into the music business with both feet in 2005, he started with Monterey Peninsula Artists, a big (if freewheeling) music agency run with a boutique feel. MPA was built to last back in the '70s by Fred Bohlander and Dan Weiner, who took their game up the California coast to Monterey. When Bohlander and Weiner sold to Paradigm, Chip Hooper, already a big player, went from star agent to star recruiter as key alignments were forged with philosophically simpatico agents and agencies, including Little Big Man, Third Coast, Ellis Industries and most recently AM Only. Privately and publicly, those at the top of each of these former indies would say that Hooper played a key role in their decision to join Paradigm, which now has busy offices in Los Angeles; Monterey, Calif.; Nashville; and New York, with a roster of 700 acts and a team of about 40 agents. While Gores and company are clearly in no hurry, more big plays will surely follow. Hooper's chill demeanor belies his clout in music. Such Paradigm clients as Dave Matthews Band, Phish, the Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Toby Keith, Aerosmith and the Dead-plus, with the addition of AM Only, electronica stars like Tiësto, Skrillex and David Guetta-sell truckloads of tickets. Hooper is personal agent for Phish, DMB, O.A.R. and the Smashing Pumpkins, and shares on several others. But Paradigm now has some valuable agent equity, and they all believe in Hooper.

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