Getty Images Music Teams With Joss Stone, Indie Artists for Guestlist @MIDEM
Getty Images Music Teams With Joss Stone, Indie Artists for Guestlist @MIDEM
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Brian Nelson (Joss Stone's manager and cofounder of Stone'd Records) with Stone, before announcing their Getty Images Music partnership (Photo: Andrew Hampp/Billboard)

After teaming up with Atom Factory Music Licensing last fall for a commercial licensing partnership, Getty Images Music is making further strides into music supervision with a new project, Guestlist. The service will include new, cherry-picked tracks from artists like Joss Stone as well as indie artists like Visqueen, J-Zone, Melissa Ferrick, the Peach Kings and Simian Ghost, among others. Initial label partners include Playground Music, Joss Stone's label Stone'd Records, Joan Jett's Blackheart Records and Uncensored Interview. @MIDEM: All Our Coverage

For the newly D.I.Y. Stone, Guestlist represents the latest endeavor in her quest to call the shots on her career. She founded Stone'd Records last year after her tumultuous four-album deal with EMI came to an end after 2009's "Colour Me Free," and recently released the first of two records cut with producer Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) last summer ("LP1.") The second release, tentatively titled "Homemade Jam," is slated for release later this year.

"I think it's important for every artist really, especially now for myself and [my manager] Brian [Nelson] setting up Stone'd Records. We're trying to find different avenues to the normal ones," Stone told Billboard from the VIP Suites at Cannes' Palais des Festivals et des Congres. A veteran of many brand meetings from her days at EMI, Stone has only a few criteria for potential synch and commercial requests. "I like nice things, pretty thing happy things. No McDonald's, no cigarettes, no horrible nastiness. It's important to look at the artist you're working with, and obviously Getty knows that. You have to look at artist and what they represent, what they're saying. Even what kind of style they wear if it's an image thing."

Melinda Lee, director of Getty Images Music, said Guestlist was created specifically for high-profile projects that ad agencies and TV/film music supervisors have been seeking out. "Everyone's looking for new, fresh tracks that are meeting the trend or trend-setting. We're trying to refresh that," Lee told Billboard. "Music supervisors have quite an opinion, we're making it easy for them to do their jobs."