Video: MIDEM Hack Day Highlights: MyNight, Badgify, JPC2000, More
Video: MIDEM Hack Day Highlights: MyNight, Badgify, JPC2000, More

The submissions from MIDEM's Hack Day were unveiled today in Cannes, with 18 apps and programs uploaded to the Hack Day's wiki page. The event was introduced at MIDEM on Saturday by SoundCloud VP of business development Dave Haynes and Six Two Productions CEO and creative technologist Martyn Davies, as thirty developers had 48 hours to create programs that they thought might be useful for musicians and music lovers alike. Here's a roundup of several highlights:


Whether you're looking to groove on a particular playlist at a club, or you're a club looking to attract people who want to groove to a particular playlist, this is an app that brings both sides together. Spotify integration allows clubs to upload playlists for potential patrons to peruse, while club-goers can search for music and seek out clubs that will be playing the tunes they want to hear. Availability on as an iPhone app would allow people to suggest songs to the club that they might like to hear as well.

Screenshot of the Spotify app for MyNight, created by Syd Lawrence at the MIDEM Hack Day.

Lyrics Postcard

A program that allows you to create slideshows from Facebook pictures, put them to music, and post them to your Facebook wall, using Rdio integration to grab the soundtracks. Social slideshow sharing, straight to Facebook.

Screen grab of LyricsPostcard, created by Francesco Delfino of Musixmatch.

Demo of Tourrent Plans, as presented by Ben Fields, a data scientist at Musicmetric.

Browser-based drum machine that allows you to assign an .mp3 to each drum pad and "play" it using the mouse or the keyboard of your computer. If mastered, it can be another outlet to spur creativity in production.

Watch That Score
Ever wanted to follow along while a musician performs to sheet music on stage? This app could allow aspiring musicians - or just interested audiophiles - to do just that. Check the video below to figure out what how it works.

Demo of Midem Music Machine, as presented by Paul Lamere, director of developer platform, the Echo Nest.

This program syncs to and nabs info from The Echo Nest to create a "badge" that you can hook to a bag or shirt that displays the song you're listening to, along with a visual display based on energy, key and danceability that swirls on the face. Another form of music sharing for people just passing by you.

Badgify - MIDEM Hack 2012 from Becky Stewart on Vimeo.