Google Play Finally Adds Warner Music, Debuts Free Scan-and-Match Music Locker
Google Play Finally Adds Warner Music, Debuts Free Scan-and-Match Music Locker


Google is overhauling its cloud-based offerings by consolidating Google Music, the Google eBookstore and the Android Market into Google Play, a digital hub that will offer storage, a marketplace of music, movies, books and games, and its entire line of apps, all which will automatically sync across Android phones and tablets and on the web.

Beginning today, the Android Market app will become the Google Play Store, while movies, music and ebooks will all be upgraded to Google Play versions, easily shared across all platforms. Additionally, the service will allow for free storage of up to 20,000 songs and the ability to download all of its apps, purchase music, and rent movies.

Google Play could breathe some much-needed life into the floundering Google Music, which launched officially in November and has performed below industry expectations in its short existence. With this integration, Google seems to be turning Google Play into a more centralized, Apple Store-esque one stop shop for all things entertainment, with the added caveat of free cloud storage, something that Apple still charges $25/year for for music purchased outside of the Apple store.

The full rollout, which includes Google Music, will be available in the U.S., while the service will incorporate movies, books and apps in Canada and the U.K., books and apps in Australia, and movies and apps in Japan, with other regions limited to just apps for the time being. The goal, according to a press release, will be to continue to incorporate new content for users all over the world.

This week, as part of the launch, the Google Play store will be offering different discounts on movies, music, books and apps each day as part of its "7 Days To Play" promotional campaign, with additional discounts on each lasting throughout the week.